REVIEW: Now, Now Every Children – “Neighbors”

Now, Now Every Children / Neighbors EP / No Sleep

Seasons change and labels come and go but rising acts blossom. Minnesota natives Now, Now Every Children prove with their latest EP they’ve evolved their lullaby rock without the need to move to a flamboyant area code. Cut down to five tracks, Neighbors is the shy girl next door; though her innocence paints her personality, her rebellious nature is irresistible (“Giants”) and almost as intoxicating as her precious voice (“Roommates”).

Now, Now’s ability to seduce with dramatic chords and sleepy vocals is still intact and has become more of a turn-on than a flaw. “I had lost my head because in the night you thought I left” sings Cacie Dalager on “Jesus Camp”, a whisper opening the door to a self-titled closer with a lethal melody. Call it a tease, Neighbors is an extended play that needs to be undressed, not ignored.

Download: “Roommates”, “Jesus Camp”


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