REVIEW: Margot And The Nuclear So And So’s – “Buzzard”

Margot And The Nuclear So And So’s / Buzzard / Mariel

Being in sync is vital (just ask your ex) and while Buzzard stirs, it stumbles with spacey, lackluster jams connecting like a circle and a square. The blame could be patented upon ringleader Richard Edwards’ smokey alt cry but his ability to rattle you (“New York City Hotel Blues”) and then charm you with an indie embrace (“Freak Flight”) works. Instead, the Indiana bunch falter from fatigue. The torturous heartache jam “Will You Love Me Forever?” pens the pace for the third release before submitting to tracks bulging with stoner sonnets inspiring one to stab themselves in the arm with a pair of oversized vintage Ray Bans. Grim undertones work at times, giving Buzzard the talent to be a leech your ears will love, but it’s patchy construction makes it a songbird uninspired to fly.

Download: “Will You Love Me Forever?”, “New York City Hotel Blues”

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