REVIEW: Jimmy Eat World – “Invented”

Jimmy Eat World / Invented / Universal

A strong progression from the unforgettable Bleed American and the raucous pop LP Chase This Light, the Arizona group’s latest release takes singer Jim Adkins’ sincerity, wraps it in distinctive harmonies and splashes it in your face. The reaction scheduled to follow may be unexpected. While the seventh studio effort slow dances with the growth, it does point out flaws that come with age, like awkward attempts at getting with the times (“Higher Devotion”) and revisiting melodramatic teenage emotions (“Cut”).

What it does stress is the band’s journey is far from closure. Carved out of hallmark Jimmy Eat World, “Evidence” and the Tom Linton-fronted “Action Needs An Audience” churns out amped arena rock while holding hands with “Littlething” and “Movielike”, genuine pop punk shaded in by enchanting hooks and an uplifting voice. Invented proves age is simply a number that doesn’t force a group to falter but instead reinvents nostalgic butterflies and shapes an acoustic ballad destined to be the next stand-in-the-rain love plea.

Download: “Invented”, “Evidence”

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  • LF says:

    Although I can see why you didn’t like Higher Devotion I’m surprised that you didn’t like Cut.
    I also don’t see whats so grand about Evidence, it strikes me as rather boring besides the sweet guitar riff towards the end.
    Overall great review, but I think the “Download” section will greatly differ depending on your tastes.

  • David says:

    I see what you mean about higher devotion… Cut goes back to the clarity and bleed american days… 4 star i think is pushing it a bit! 5 star in my opinion… So many songs on it are absolutly fantastic and are a real upshine from chase this light such as mixtape or stop or coffee and cigarettes. All albums have flaws… Otherwise what would be the point in reviews?

  • Jay K Nevada says:

    Of course picking out your favorite tracks will open up a debate/dialogue as it should – after all this is music and it’s very personal and quite subjective. Having said that, my standout tracks are as follows: ALL OF THEM! This is an instant rock masterpiece that pulls a little bit of everything from their 17 year history. In my opinion it’s a 180 from Chase This Light as far as adventure and experimentation, and I loved that album. BTW, “Higher Devotion” is way cool – a little bit of JEW electronica! Buy this now – 6 stars out of 5!!!

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