REVIEW: Bedouin Soundclash – “Light The Horizon”

Bedouin Soundclash / Light The Horizon / Pirates Blend

To some, the idea a successful reggae group could emerge from Toronto is ludicrous. However to Bedouin Soundclash fans, it’s an idea that’s not out of the ordinary. As a newly restructured trio, Jay Malinowski and company introduce their fourth studio attempt, Light The Horizon, a collection of ten songs characterized by their branded fusion of reggae beats entwined with alternative rock. The album’s single, “Mountain Top” has claimed success on local charts and casually added to the immense anticipation built over the past few years for another release.

The 34 minutes run by quickly, but not without a few stoplights focusing on outstanding moments. “Brutal Hearts”, a vocally haunting duet featuring French Canadian songstress Coeur de Pirate, is just a sample of how the group is musically refreshing. Harmonies do appear crisp and modern but they’re not alone. The incorporation of brass instruments, an unusual percussion setup and the ska-welcoming ukulele dangle the group away from Canadian mainstream and cover all bases, from mellow jam sessions (“Follow The Sun”) to inspiring chants (“Elongo”) and sentimental serenades (“No One Moves, No One Gets Hurt”). Reassurance that the vibrant sound has yet to leave the city, Light The Horizon proves the sun’s just rising on a future that’s hardly bleak.

Download: “Brutal Hearts”, “Chance Of Rain”


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