REVIEW: Bring Me The Horizon – “There Is A Hell..”

Bring Me The Horizon / There Is A Hell.. / Epitaph

How do you follow up a cultural phenomenon like Suicide Season? Release There Is A Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is A Heaven, Let’s Keep It A Secret. Looking past the 20-syllable title, the Brit quintet light their metalcore image ablaze generating fumes of growth with a thirst to be violently loud and vicious. The third studio effort isn’t a repeat of the past; there are takes willing to traumatize faithful groupies (“Anthem”, “Home Sweet Hole”), but it’s the stage dive into ominous strings and the abstract that push the Epitaph act’s talent to its peak.

“Everything I touch turns to stone / So wrap your arms around me and leave me on my own” screams vocalist Oliver Sykes, clashing his taste for lyrical subtlety with the wail of electric chemistry on “Blessed With A Curse”. As Bring Me The Horizon’s previous work exploded with youthful angst, There Is A Hell.. flickers with sincere emotion. Unlike similar releases, it’s practically spilling out onto the floor; the length is draining but the vulnerable outbursts and duets with Canadian sprite Lights (“Crucify Me”, “Don’t Go”) enhance Sykes’ struggle with his own heart’s voice. There is an artistic beast growing inside of Bring Me The Horizon. Believe me, I’ve heard it.

Download: “Blessed With A Curse”, “Blacklist”

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  • xhcx says:

    cultural phenomenon…bring me the horizon….same sentence?

    Now, I know this webzine has a scenester following, you review mostly for hair swoopers and the people who can’t let go of the fact that this isn’t what Poison the Well had in mind and that From Autumn to Ashes was actually a really fucking bad idea. Of course you guys throw in the mandatory indie write up, arcade or grizzly bear whatever is hip so you can defend the 4 stars on a paramore record and claim a little credibility.


    When will it endÉ, do you remember Tim Kinsella’s article in AP when he demanded every band in the scene needed to break up immediately to preserve the sanctity of music, and everyone got up in arms, and Max Bemis (whom IMO is a lazy cunt and wouldn’t be relevant (not sure if he is even still alive) unless Jason Tate shit in everyone’s mouths about him) wrote an open letter, and a record `defending the genre`. Kinsella was right, he was bang on, this scene has dragged out longer than hair metal.

    What are we teaching the young ones, by the time they pick up an instrument they won`t even know how to tune to standard, if Robert Johnson resurrected right now (google him NOW! NOW! NOW!) he`d say `enough`.


  • Brittany says:

    someone’s sexually frustrated…

  • Anonymous says:

    Suicide Season did create a cult following, like just look at their live shows. this CD is really good, just have to give it chance.

  • Anonymous says:

    Give this album a chance and fucking listen to it. I’m no BMTH fanboy… but this shit is monumental. THE album of 2010.

  • posted elsewhere by "latin_death" says:

    Wow another dash of pure cry baby emotion hidden behind a mask of ”Hardcore screaming”! Seriously, naming a song ”Fuck” for shock value is bad enough but then a duet with a fag from you me at fucking six? there really is no hope for the metal scene in the UK if these jumped up over-hyped twats continue to win the hearts of every chubby scene girl and teens with self harm issues instead of us churning out real metal like the old days

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