REVIEW: Bad Religion – “The Dissent Of Man”

Bad Religion / The Dissent Of Man / Epitaph

If you think it’s all downhill after three decades, it’s time to open your ears and listen. The Dissent Of Man is bold proof age can season music; even after 15 studio albums, the West Coast outfit’s primary songwriter can still describe his latest work as some of the best he’s ever written. In this case, guitarist Brett Gurewitz is preaching to the choir. After keeping fans on their toes for two years with a promise of new material, the 15 tracks of Bad Religion bliss fulfill a listener’s longing desire for southern Cali punk rock.

Snarling with aggression, the record starts spinning in fine, fiery fashion (“The Day That The Earth Stalled”) before transgressing into classic Bad Religion (“Only Rain”) followed by numbers with a more laid-back attitude. Stitched with timid yet twangy guitars, they even dabble in taboo territory for a politically-charged punk group with the love song “Cyanide”, making affection look badass. A vocal feat for singer Greg Graffin and a brilliant display of the supporting cast’s boundless skill, The Dissent Of Man is a historical landmark and a compact disc nowhere near the dissent of Bad Religion.

Download: “Cyanide”, “Pride And The Pallor”

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