WHO: Michael Belsar, Lachlan Morrish, Tim Street, Jonathan Crawford, Galen Strachan, Daniel Marie

HOMETOWN: Ballarat, Australia

GENRE: Garage rock/punk

LATEST RELEASE: Brothers In Violence EP (2010)

WHY YOU’LL LOVE THEM: Ignore the assymetrical mops and you’ll find gritty garage punk with an impulse to suffocate your senses. The six-piece outfit hail from the depths of Victoria, Australia, and like you’d expect with their kind, they know no boundaries. The onslaught of razor sharp chaotic rhythms tied to a 70s’ punk voice isn’t afraid to seduce British pop, even if it means uncaging a keyboard riff here and there. Howl’s style seems like a recipe for disaster but with the adrenaline tank stuck on “Full”, they’re bound to search and destroy.

SOUNDS LIKE: Music your mother wouldn’t let you listen to in the 90s’.


[Intrigued? Check out the video for their latest single below]


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