REVIEW: Chiodos – “Illuminaudio”

Chiodos / Illuminaudio / Equal Vision Records

Yeah but it doesn’t have Craig Owens. The loss of the dearly departed will have its effect on followers, but it shouldn’t sway them from giving Illuminaudio at least a shot in the dark. The third studio record heals internal wounds by putting the astounding talents of vocalist Brandon Bolmer and drummer Tanner Wayne on display while the founding members do it their way, combining face-melting with orchestral bits. Taking elements from past releases, chemistry mans the forefront, tattooing malicious breakdowns and vocal transitions on the word “progression”.

While “Caves” and “Those Who Slay Together Stay” are highlighted with vintage Chiodos vocals, the way Bolmer drops your jaw is what produces the restless feeling. “I’ll fight your fire / I’ll fight it with my fire,” protests the 24-year-old on “Let Us Burn One”, a solid accent on primal numbers (“Scaremonger”) and pulsating craft (“Modern Wolf Hair”) that showcase the matrimony of piercing guitars and rippling keyboards. A bit too polished in certain areas, Illuminaudio is not a step in the wrong direction. It does everything the Michigan group should have done: reminisce about the year 2005 for a minute and then cue the musical bloodshed.

Download: “Hey Zeus! The Dungeon”, “Modern Wolf Hair”


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