GOING LIVE: Avi Buffalo

© Genia Shapira

WHO: Avi Buffalo
WHERE: The Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto
WHEN: October 18 2010

There are your Hendrixes and your Pages and there are a select group that deserve a lot more appreciation (see Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready). Then there are the guitarists that fall under the radar but still manage to astonish with every live performance. Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg is one of them. The AVI BUFFALO frontman is recognized for his sprite-like voice but the 19-year-old is a maestro with the electric guitar even when his bandmates can’t make it over the border due to a lack of passports.

Swaying in and out of dusted-off old tracks and spellbinding narrations like “Remember Last Time” and “Five Little Sluts”, Zahner-Isenberg and drummer Sheridan Riley show matured souls at The Horseshoe Tavern. There were no gripping indie pop chords or astonishing drum fills. Instead, soothing rock clashed with a bit of everything producing soloing in songs and a chemistry you’re more apt to find on vinyl records from the 70s’. Add in lyrics drawing comparisons to Bright Eyes with more modern day youth and it’s clear Avi Buffalo are roaming in the right direction.

[Words written by Joshua Khan]


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  • Matt says:

    Are you really saying mike mccready isn’t under rated, in turn implying that he isn’t good?!

  • BLARE says:

    no. Mike McCready is an amazing guitarist. hands down.

  • Rivkeh says:

    Great review. I agree. Avi is an awesome guitarist on record but especially live. Seeing he and Sheridan Riley on drums grooving away is an awesome experience. I highly recommend catching one of their upcoming dates as the band plans on taking a break after Nov 19 LA date. I am looking forward to see what this young band does next.

  • Matt says:

    Thank you for clearing that up, Mike is my favorite and I felt the need to say something. It’s actually the first time I’ve ever posted anything anywhere on the Internet if that tells you anything!

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