REVIEW: Kings Of Leon – “Come Around Sundown”

Kings Of Leon / Come Around Sundown / RCA

The perfect time to ignite a night full of sensuous romance, Come Around Sundown celebrates the various aspects that make the charm of the Tennessee family-band contagious. Conceived in a locked basement with four instruments and an ounce of marijuana, Kings Of Leon seem like they’ve achieved the unlikely with an immense amount of mainstream success, but their fifth disc pushes any perceived boundaries. The balancing act of fiery, mystifying alternative rock (“The Face”, “The End”) and southern blues (“Back Down South”) surprisingly to some, has conceived an honest and innovative sound they can call their own.

Claims that the group’s latest material was rushed and created with little personality may still set up camp in the minds of a select few, but the emotional punch overshadows the blasphemy with every disheveled heartfelt plea (“Pickup Truck”) and modern rock transition (“Radioactive”). The earnest songwriting behind tracks like “Pyro” make a statement simple enough for each listener to assign their own meaning, yet is reflective of the ambiguity commonplace to King Of Leon’s lyrical style. Come Around Sundown isn’t an urge to use somebody and light sex on fire again. Instead it’s a story of how the weary city soul was once a country boy with an ache in his heart and a six-string that knew how to heal it.

Download: “Pickup Truck”, “Pyro”, “The Immortals”


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  • Joe says:

    finally.. a positive review. everybody is saying it’s not great because the music isn’t anything new but it’s what everyone wants. watch, everyone is going to love this album a few months from now

  • Matt C. says:

    overrated band but what you said about their lyrics and their sound being unique is true. good review

  • Jenna says:

    nice review !

  • Joel says:

    have you ever even listened to anything prior to only by the night? come around sundown had the chance to do one of two things. Either show their old fans that they hadn’t forgotten about them by infusing elements of only by the night with an album of say aha shake heartbreak; or make only by the night part 2 and cash in…they went with the cash.

  • Davey says:

    how can you say they went with the cash? Only By The Night was a new direction for them so they stuck with it. they don’t HAVE to go back to their roots just because people want them to, that’s why there’s so many negative reviews of CAS. this girl did a great job, so take note.

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