FOR YOUR EARS ONLY: Pianos Become The Teeth

WHO: Kyle Durfey, Chad McDonald, Michael York, David Halik, Zac Sewell

HOMETOWN: Baltimore, Maryland

GENRE: Post-hardcore/screamo

LATEST RELEASE: Old Pride (2009)

WHY YOU’LL LOVE THEM: Critics and listeners are actually okay with labeling the five-piece act as “screamo”. Pianos Become The Teeth aren’t a conventional post-hardcore hybrid as they more or less take 90s’ emotional rock and drown it in an experimental potion brewed with post-rock rhythms. The honesty dripping off singer Kyle Durfey’s voice shows an immense amount of desperation equivalent to the emotional outbursts we’re using to hearing from acts like Thursday and At The Drive-In.

SOUNDS LIKE: Old post-hardcore records that need dusting off.



[Check out the audio for the song “Quit Benefit” below]

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