GOING LIVE: Atreyu, Chiodos

WHO: Atreyu, Chiodos, Architects
WHERE: Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto
WHEN: November 2 2010

When it comes to metalcore, flashy lights and props aren’t needed. Atreyu’s recent headlining tour was bold proof as every act listed on the bill for the Toronto gig made the Phoenix Concert Theatre tremble with a ruthless amount of noise that even convinced a 15-something in her Blessthefall zip-up to cry. Each band presented an unstable amount of energy but it’s the vocalists who abused the venue’s acoustics.

Architects frontman Sam Carter exploded with a strong vocal performance while Brandon Bolmer of Chiodos held his own, scraping through a short rendition of “Modern Wolf Hair” and a striking version of “The Words “Best Friend” Become Redefined”. Add in Atreyu’s Alex Varkatzas’ impressive showing and it’s safe to claim the one-night-only lineup was one of the best to hit the city in 2010.


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