REVIEW: Kid Cudi – “The Legend Of Mr. Rager”

Kid Cudi / Man On The Moon II: The Legend.. / Universal

Whenever an old reformed music star talks about hitting rock bottom, it seems like their addiction stories are always just variations on the law of diminishing returns; problems that used to go away after a couple of drinks or pills start hanging around for a few more rounds each night – add in the pressures of rising fame and the classic bulging ego-inspired denial and you’ve got a pretty volatile cocktail. Kid Cudi’s debut album, Man on the Moon: The End of Day, represented the first act to one of those ‘fall’ stories. Judging by the mood of Cudi’s follow-up, that was just the start of his descent.

On much of Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager, its protagonist is depicted wallowing in his addiction – not willing to give up chasing old habits, but not beyond recognizing where he truly is. It’s as if he followed up his Dark Side Of The Moon with his rendition of The Wall, complete with a song about feeling trapped inside his own head (“Trapped In My Mind”). Impressive as Cudi’s “addiction and fame” narrative is, he succeeds with more than just the very gloomy, putting together a pop-rock crossover song in “Erase Me” that is far superior to anything Lil Wayne achieved on his rock n’ roll attempt, Rebirth. Don’t be surprised though if the talented musician’s next effort is even more dark and conflicted than the last. After all, relapses can and do happen.

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  • favorsflav says:

    Do you find it hard to take Cudi seriously?

    The guy has been around 5 minutes, released a dope mixtape, a half assed debut and a sophmore release that proves he really isn’t hip hop though claims to be retiring from it to go rock.

    I just think this guy should have met Mos Def before Kanye and maybe wouldn’t have the shit don’t stink attitude.

    World of talent but just wasted, give this guy a kick drum ll cool j beat and he’d blow minds, but the artsy shit doesn’t cut it for him.

  • Anonymous says:

    Everyone who commented on this is only lookin for a stereotypical commericial rapper. Why not just respect the music

  • Anonymous says:

    i agree with the anonymous, kid cudi is a person, not just some figurehead out there trying to please the world. His music is his music. It may not be what you want but hes expressing himself which is what music is all about. I never understood when and where money took over the music industry, but if what your saying is true then every artist would have to be fake just to make money. let him tell his stories, or just go and listen to someone else.

  • Anonymous says:

    i think kid cudi will never stop being the man on the moon. but his dark side is something that alot of people can see a lil of him in themselve. for he sits in the shadows to listen to the desist the desisit will follow with a lurking sense of death.kid cudi lives on

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