REVIEW: The Chariot – “Long Live”

The Chariot / Long Live / Good Fight Music

Precise, carnal and somewhat grand, the fourth studio creation from the Georgia hardcore rockers stings like a butterfly and floats like a bee. Built from impulses, Long Live bottles the energy The Chariot’s known for. Guitars flail, drum bits are relentless and vocalist Josh Scogin erupts, turning phrases like “calm rose, violent wind” into poetic protests torn from a unfinished journal. The potent addition of guitar feedback and noise does distress (“Evan Perks”, “Andy Sundwall”), and at times, chokes the living daylight out of the group’s voice as it’s the sort of chaos designed for the stage.

But the beauty hidden under the beast is enticing. The addition of harps, spoken word verses and moving speeches followed by the roar of a choir push the quintet out of the music factory mold. Then there’s the chemistry; though it doesn’t reveal itself as much as it should, it inflicts damage. “Calvin Makenzie” and “Robert Rios” play with more sanity and don’t shy at forcing the teenage I-can-take-a-kick-in-the-face-and-like-it-kid out of you. Age can deteriorate a pack of wolves, but in The Chariot’s case, the thirst for blood knows no bounds.

Download: “Robert Rios”, “David De La Hoz”


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