REVIEW: Nicki Minaj – “Pink Friday”

Nicki Minaj / Pink Friday / Universal

Nicki Minaj claims she’s a purebred artist, but her indecisive nature has her confused on whether to uncage a bark or cuddle with mature pop. Pink Friday isn’t the ruthless rap record most perceive it to be; its feminine curves demand rough hands but secretly prefer a smooth R&B touch. Entering a game that’s more of a man’s world, the 25-year-old throws a cold shoulder at skeptics with a dark-cherry militant growl. On “Blazin”, the bright lights have made her bold: “Soccer moms need to organize a pep rall / Your game over b*tch, Gatorade, wet towel,” she snarls before guest collab Kanye West delivers his cut.

Even the Young Money swagger and fiery Eminem duet “Roman’s Revenge” can’t save Minaj from playing the multi-talented card. She accepts the role of a typical female hip-hop artist, playing with apple-of-my-eye beats (“Your Love”) and toying with the sparkle of electro pop (“Fly”, “Save Me”) that matches her bubblegum pink do. Minaj tries to rekindle a spark with Drake but witnesses her control on the track become submissive to her opponent. Pink Friday indeed shows a challenger poised to claim a title, but one unaware of its direction and how it will refrain from becoming another average ring girl with a dulcet voice.

Download: “Roman’s Revenge”, “Moment 4 Life (ft. Drake)”


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  • Anonymous says:

    3 stars? really? Nicki is better than Rihanna.

  • Jenna says:

    this album may not be a masterpiece but it’s way better than Loud.

  • tazz says:

    your review sucks. im not a fan of the girl either, but i bought the album and its multi-faceted, true, but its good.

  • breanna says:

    the guy never said it was a bad cd. some of it’s not really that good, but it’s okay!! i love Nicki, but i was kind of disappointed.

  • Chris says:

    I agree with him! i don’t think this cd is all that great…very mediocre! i gave it s C+ on my review!

  • Anonymous says:

    As a fan of music first and a fan of hip hop second. This album was so horrible. opinion is one thing facts are facts. I can break this whole ablum apart and critique it. I give credit where credit is due. Her album is wack. There are very few positive things to say about this album. for those who like this kind of music go out and support her. No matter how i feel about her one thing i would never say is dont go and support what u enjoy. music has changed because so many of us dont support artist. 500,000 to 1,000,000 is really all we gotta do to keep artist we love alive. so blame yaself when u hear this mess on the radio and u wondering where good music is.

  • Anonymous says:

    awful album

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