REVIEW: Black Eyed Peas – “The Beginning”

Black Eyed Peas / The Beginning / Universal

It’s not the eighties anymore, but that hasn’t stopped the Black Eyed Peas from putting out an album pretending as if it is. They’re not delusional; of course the quartet is aware that Reagan is no longer the president and Dirty Dancing is no longer in theatres – but they’re also aware there’s a certain group of nostalgic casual music fans out there who appreciate the sound and image the Peas convey. They’re the people who are perched at desks all day, their only solace being the non-threatening pop songs pumping out of their work radios. The Beginning, like previous B.E.P. releases, is packed with songs ready-made to be overplayed by the likes of Ryan Seacrest until the snow melts.

But another large part of the group’s audience is the college set that likes heading down to the local upscale drinking hole, getting good and wasted, and doing some dancing. They don’t care about the eighties. They just want to shake their butts to a consistent beat. Some of their other favourite things include copious autotune and songs about parties that just don’t stop. Lucky them. Both of these demographics will be more than pleased with the latest offering from the Peas. Others, who already do not consider themselves Peas fans, won’t have much of a choice about hearing those songs, such as “Time (Dirty Bit)” and “The Best One Yet (The Boy)”, which will become instant radio and club sensations. Spring will turn to summer though and it won’t be too hard for those non-believers to get on with their lives – still not liking the Peas and not feeling too guilty about not picking up The Beginning.

Download: “Don’t Stop The Party”, “Play It Loud”

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