WHO: Gary, Chris, Dan, Carlin

HOMETOWN: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

GENRE: Indie/Punk

LATEST RELEASE: It Is What It Is (2010)

WHY YOU’LL LOVE THEM: Well, aside from being born with no last names, Dirty Tactics are an exciting group that sprinkle pop on plain, raw punk rock. The sound isn’t too nostalgic as their lyrical abilities and skill with each instrument has influenced them to evolve their genre and produce acceptable hooks and choruses (“The Way Out”, “Arkansas”). Add in the “road warrior” factor when it come to touring, and there’s no real reason not to embrace this Say-10 Records act if you’re a true fan of punk rock.

SOUNDS LIKE: Your neighborhood punk band but a bit more polished.



[Need audio? Check out a video courtesy of Alternative Press below]

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