REVIEW: Young The Giant – “Young The Giant”

Young The Giant / Young The Giant / Roadrunner Records

For some, living in a house on a Cali beach with four friends would be wildly unproductive. For Young The Giant, the temporary paradise was just what they needed to capture the spirit of youth and eternal summer for their self-titled entrance. The illegitimate love child of The Killers and Kings Of Leon, the record is stained with an enchanting melancholic tone, binding indelible choruses (“Cough Syrup”) with a hint of lighthearted nostalgia (“Your Side”).

Such a concoction proves the California outfit possess a talent far exceeding the years attached to their age. When most are just discovering themselves, the quintet have found their soulful voice. “Islands” slows the pace but delightfully haunts with singer Sameer Gadhia’s vocals while “Cough Syrup” boasts a chorus that will never leave the tip of your tongue. Call it conditional love, it’s difficult to ignore a group capable of taking high school instincts and breaking them into mature pop rock heartache.

Download: “Cough Syrup”, “Strings”


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