REVIEW: Cut Copy – “Zonoscope”

Cut Copy / Zonoscope / Modular Recordings

Australian synth-abusers Cut Copy caught a lot of people’s ears with their ecstatically reviewed 2008 album In Ghost Colours, and now, with the addition of a new bassist, they have returned with a glossy fresh collection of fashion show glam and psychedelic surf jams. It’s an interesting combination of sounds they claim as their own, truly representing an uptempo group hug of styles and genres from each decade since the 1960s. On “Alisa” a mid-90s’ pop rock guitar lick discordantly becomes a beach party mutant. On “Pharoahs and Pyramids” a nature documentary quickly falls in step with a Rick James funkscapade.

Vocally, the group represent the sound of a less moody Depeche Mode with the sensibilities of a less edgy Yeasayer. Seriously, nothing seems to get these guys down. Even the two minute interstitial song “Strange Nostalgia For The Future” perks up in the last 20 seconds as it smoothly blends into the mellow “This is All We’ve Got”. In case you still needed a reason to give this album a listen, do it for “Blink and You’ll Miss a Revolution” and some of the finest electric xylophone you’re likely to hear on this side of the Revenge Of The Nerds talent show. Zonoscope is a much needed glimpse of summer in a bleak winter world.

Download: “Pharaohs And Pyramids”, “Blink And You’ll Miss A Revolution”

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