REVIEW: Yuck – “Yuck”

Yuck / Yuck / Fat Possum

The fuzz rock revoluci√≥n has begun. Some may be quick to hiss at Yuck’s debut LP because of it’s love for the 90s’ and how it plays Pogs with all the other cool Fat Possum kids (Wavves, Band Of Horses) but doing so overlooks the disc’s lovely invitation to swallow modern rock. In fact, Yuck is an essay on lo-fi pioneers, carefree melodies and how young artists contain the trait to embellish their own work with tales of adolescent wonder.

He may not be a trip-happy philosopher (or Thurston Moore) but vocalist Danny Blumberg is a writer worth stalking; “Stutter” and “Suck” are sonically enthralling, wrapping around melodic yelps with irresistible moments tied to them. Ignore the shedding of distortion and there’s a swarm of Silversun Pickups jams (“Get Away”) abusing the laziness once found in pop punk, a genre Blumberg and co. speak fondly of. Yuck’s teamwork is a highlight in its own right and while skeptics predict a crash and overdose affair come album number two, overconfident jewels like the instrumental piece “Rose Gives A Lily” disagree. Yuck isn’t a tribute, it’s a poetic road trip.

Download: “Suck”, “Operation”


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