THAT ONE ALBUM: The Flatliners

There’s always that one album; the one you stick up for no matter what and would fornicate with if you literally could. Instead of talking about the discs we love, we’ve decided to turn the spotlight on musicians. Two members from THE FLATLINERS named their favourite records, which just beat out an Elton John classic they love.



PAUL RAMIREZ: I was at a friend’s house in Grade 7 when I first heard FOO FIGHTERS The Colour And The Shape. I actually didn’t hear the whole album though, just “Monkey Wrench”. After that, I borrowed the record off of a friend and never gave it back.

JON DARBEY: The first time was when it came out. I’ve been a big fan of DEFTONES and they’ve actually been one of the only bands I’ve continued to listen to since I was a little kid. When White Pony came out, it never left my CD player. I even got the little pony tattooed on my wrist a couple of years ago. I just can’t enough of it.

RAMIREZ: It will stand the test of time for being a really good album. There are really soft songs on there with just Dave Grohl and an acoustic guitar and then there’s the heaviest song they’ve ever written and recorded. Changing it up is something we like to do; you can’t be the same band all the time.

DARBEY: Well for one, I love Deftones. Chi Cheng is one of my favourite bassists. I play bass because this guy plays bass (laughs). I’ve started listening to their music a lot more because of his condition and it’s obvious this album is one of their first albums where they actually took the time to write it. It’s well written and not just a bunch of songs on a record.

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