REVIEW: Forever The Sickest Kids – “Self-Titled”

Forever The Sickest Kids / Self-Titled / Universal

Love it or hate it, pop punk won’t die. Cute boys in Converse kicks and studded belts have been gracing stages and radio stations everywhere with memorable proclamations such as “I’m just a kid and life is a nightmare” or “Girls don’t like boys, girls like cars and money”. Regardless of whether they’re actually kids, or if girls are that superficial, these groups have made a name for themselves. Can Texan five-some Forever The Sickest Kids do the same? Perhaps the launch of their second studio release, a self-titled one in fact, can provide this group of “kids” with a sheet of answers.

The album contains all essential elements of pop punk success: tracks bursting with quick tempos, power chords and pseudo-punk attitude. They even cover all the bases with a strong opening number (“Keep On Bringing Me Down”), a catchy anthem (“Good Life”) and a dreamy acoustic ballad (“Forever Girl”), but the main problem seems to be what lies in between, which is slightly under par. Intended to be an extended play, the saying “quality before quantity” might have been beneficial to prevent below-average tracks from diluting acceptable ones that aren’t highly formulaic. The skill and technique is hidden somewhere but Forever The Sickest Kids are too scared to come out of their stereotypical shell and divulge in originality. No one said the journey between a kid and a man was easy, but maybe it’s about time these guys take it.

Download: “Keep On Bringing Me Down”


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