REVIEW: Yellowcard – “When You’re Through Thinking..”

Yellowcard / When You’re Through.. / Hopeless Records

Maybe it’s Sean Mackin and his bottle of talent. Maybe it’s the fact the seventh album dismisses the two-year hiatus. Either way, the post-too-many-problems batch of recordings presents a distinguished sound reeking of progression. Unlike Paper Walls and it’s sweet innocence, When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes has a steady head. The album knows what it wants to be; it has a dire need to be blunt at times and brutally honest in another instance. “I know you’ve always been afraid of ending up alone,” explains vocalist Ryan Key, before accelerating through a chorus about a Saves The Day record and fighting bleak times with love.

The theme, not to mention the clear-cut choices of moods, aren’t quite original yet it doesn’t deter Yellowcard from slowing down the pace. “Hang You Up” has a sixth record feel to it and so does “Hide”, yet “Soundtrack” and “Be The Young” clash Key’s vocals with rampant pop punk breakdowns implanted with shots of dominant drum fills. “See Me Smiling” and it’s effective chemistry voice why the Florida outfit have mastered their sound. On the other hand,  the album’s text message title validates that Yellowcard have added an edge. It’s no secret; sometimes love needs to be a bit more explicit to be heard.

Download: “See Me Smiling”, “With You Around”


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