REVIEW: The Kills – “Blood Pressures”

The Kills / Blood Pressures / Domino Records

On one end of the bench there’s a seductive voice. On the other, there’s a guitarist with an assorted taste. Given their recent history, one would expect Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince to embrace each other, producing an irresistible offspring stemming from The Dead Weather’s dismal strut. Blood Pressures is no such thing. The fourth studio release from the blues-punk duo does what every new pairing strains to accomplish: inhale chemistry without effort. Distortion and salutes to classic rock (“Damned If She Do”, “Satellite”) will mention the effect of side-projects and will falter at trying to shade the link between the two forces behind the gear.

Blood Pressures is a step away from The Kills we used to know; it’s bold, not afraid of shaking the bones in your feet (“Heart Is A Beating Drum”, “Nail In My Coffin”) with come-hither drum samples or serenading you with tenacious romance (“Baby Says”). Even the opening “Future Starts Slow” transcends with the two discharging thoughts (“You can swing, you can flail / You can f*ck like a broken sail,”. The illuminated sign of how their songwriting is near its peak can be found during Hince’s melodramatic minute of soft tones which stutters, cues the sensual bass and watches Mosshart put a stranglehold on the microphone with her all-too-enjoyable hexing nature.

Download: “Future Starts Slow”, “You Don’t Own The Road”


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  • gangreen says:

    Straight up, why do you prefer bands with girl singers???

    I really wanna know, there is a select few that I like, but I dont know if its because im a dude, or the fact that my sex makes better music (no shit talkin’, i got beethoven through nirvana to prove you wrong ladies).

    I’m just curious.

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