REVIEW: Tyler The Creator – “Goblin”

Tyler The Creator / Goblin / XL Recordings

“The devil doesn’t wear prada, I’m clearly in a f*cking white tee,” growls the 20-year-old, while his voice echoes and drops into the spine-molesting beat of “Yonkers”. That transition from album opener to track number two sets the pace of Goblin accordingly; it’s not overly flashy with excessive production mood swings, providing Tyler The Creator a steady beat to unmask his thoughts. Odd Future addicts expect a hostile attitude, painted with morbid tirades designed to make one shudder, and the LP is soaked in it. “Fish” and “Tron Cat” creep with grim perspectives, bound to stimulate PG critics who gourge on the rapper’s every word and fire at his explicit nature instead of feeding on his creative flair. “Kill people, burn shit, f*ck school” isn’t Tyler’s intention on “Radicals”, it’s his way of saying ignore the outside voices and stand for what you believe in. Controversial, maybe, but in the same vein of how the Sex Pistols and Rage Against The Machine provoked through sound, lyricism and a mindset that ignited the dull rebellious fire in youth and agitated authority.

Look past what 30-year-olds see and Goblin shimmers as a follow-up to Bastard. “Analog” and “She” endorse a bittersweet, summer jam side of Tyler The Creator that doesn’t dip into what he calls “a punk ass” while “Window” has Domo Genesis, Mike G, Frank Ocean and Hodgy Beats letting loose intrepid rhymes on a placid rhythm. Thumping with Left Brain’s touch, “Transylvania” fascinates; its unorthodox character makes you stop, digest the lines of Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s stalker issues and how fornication works with fangs, and press “repeat”. It rages with a rash, carefree flow parallel to Eminem’s outspoken makeup and shows up at an extreme level when Tyler puts Goblin to rest (“Golden”). “I’m a f*cking unicorn,” he declares; and who’s to argue? The creative mind’s sophomore record was pocketed to the point that Kanye West’s fifth studio disc leaked farther from release date. Over-analyze his melodic conversations all you want, that right there is talent “making noise”.

Download: “Yonkers”, “Transylvania”, “Analog (ft. Hodgy Beats)”


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