REVIEW: Foster The People – “Torches”

Foster The People / Torches / Sony

Body swaying beats and haunting vocals colour the Los Angeles trio’s debut album and put a fresh new twist on the assumptions of Top 40 music. The main reason being, Torches explodes onto the scene with Foster The People’s candid use of captivating pop riffs and simplistically electric vocals (“Houdini”), reminiscent of MGMT’s beginnings and more seasoned favourites like Peter Bjorn And John. Opener “Helena Beat” kick-starts Torches with inspiringly beautiful yet simplistic lyrics; it’s tie to an up-beat synth pop composition leads into tracks that are each laced with an infectiously familiar tempo, alluring enough to make any “indie Cindy” get up and dance.

Yet instead of staying in the lines of pop, Foster The People blend retro guitar and psychedelic synth (“Color On The Walls”) that melt into Torches’ assortment of hippie style jams. Add in guitarist Mark Foster’s ability to successfully mix his storyteller lyrics with the group’s summer seduction beats and the result – a tasty new flavor of mainstream – is hard to shake off.  Foster’s sweet candy vocals on “Pumped Up Kicks” insinuate rough edges but swoon you with his effortlessly bold lyrics.  “Yeah the slight of my hand is now a quick pull trigger”, he chants, staying relaxed, chic and keeping things cool under pressure in fear of not eliminating the warm weather appeal Torches so intelligently lives by.

Download: “Houdini”, “Helena Beat”

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  • R. says:

    I am hot damn excited for this album.

  • JJ says:

    Great review! I’ve had the pleasure of sampling this LP and it’s worth the hype it’s getting! This will be an essential summer cd. I’ve been following FTP for over a year and am happy for their success!

  • Emma says:

    Great review! It’s definitely something very different and super catchy! I’ve been streaming it all day on Spinner, and have to say Helena Beat is my favorite track from it 🙂 Here’s a link to the stream:

  • Hailey says:

    Well written and to the point; Pumped Up Kicks got overplayed but I may have to check this album out next week. Good review.

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