REVIEW: Le Butcherettes – “Sin Sin Sin”

Le Butcherettes / Sin Sin.. / Rodriguez Lopez Productions

Tattered in forward synth strikes and grimy garage rock swings, Sin Sin Sin elegantly wraps itself around Le Butcherettes guitarist Teri Suaréz and her uncivil sense of artistry. The 21-year-old is a matriarch of sorts; looping the the hostile nature of a young Karen O with Alison Mosshart’s magnetic charm and plastering it over her lyrical bite. No emphatic instrumental thuds. No dress-up picked solos. Le Butcherettes’ mix of garage punk is simple but it will sink its fangs into you, letting vintage rock (“I’m Getting Sick Of You”) and carefree assaults (“Bang!”, “New York”) drip down your neck while you smile in ecstasy.

Suaréz uses that to her avail. Production from The Mars Volta’s Omar Rodriguez-Lopez has kindled her character and imagination, letting her use Sin Sin Sin as a platform to take her literature background and visceral prejudice, expose it and force-feed it to her audience until asphyxiation ensues. When Suaréz cries out “take my dress off” on a track appropriately named, she’s not insinuating careless actions that may or may not be regretted in the morning; she’s daring one to approach her. More primal than flirtatious, Le Butcherettes let the rampant fret work and cymbal crashes act as a tongue lashing out about fixed cultures and personal frustrations. The trip isn’t always predictable (“Mr. Tolstoi”) and it doesn’t need to be; outbursts are never calculated, they’re set free (“Rico’s Smooth Talking Mother”). Whether they can be engulfed all depends on how weak one’s stomach is.

Download: “Henry Don’t Got Love”, “Rico’s Smooth Talking Mother”


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