THAT ONE ALBUM: Evening Hymns (NXNE 2011)

There’s always that one album; the one you stick up for no matter what and would fornicate with if you literally could. Instead of talking about the discs we love, we’ve decided to turn the spotlight on musicians. Singer/songwriter Jonas Bonnetta of Evening Hymns named off his favourite LP, a classic from Florida rocker Tom Petty.



I heard Tom Petty’s Wildflowers when it first came out in 1994. Petty was on tour at the time and his show in Toronto at the Maple Leaf Gardens was actually my first concert ever and it was a birthday gift from my mom. The show itself was just amazing and it’s funny because there was a live record of his that came out two years ago (The Live Anthology) and there’s two recordings from the show on it (“Wildflowers, “Alright For Now”). It’s sort of cool to take a listen to that album and hear those live songs and relive being there.


The album is actually the first one I ever bought. Most kind of consider it to be a solo record, especially since it is a bit folky but it just made sense to me. It isn’t an overlooked Tom Petty album but it is one that’s overlooked in general by those who like contemporary folk and indie music. The production is perfect and everything about it resonated with me, to the point where now, I plan to do some sort of Tom Petty cover record/digital album. “Time To Move On” and “Crawling Back To You” are some of the greatest songs as they have this kind of quiet energy. One big reason it stands out is the fact the record didn’t come in a cheap, meaningless jewel case. Instead, it was wrapped in this sleeve made of some sort of brown paper fabric. In a sense, it was almost like a gift making it that much more special.

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