REVIEW: Limp Bizkit – “Gold Cobra”

Limp Bizkit / Gold Cobra / Universal

A note for all those Limp Bizkit “haters” out there – there are more than a few tracks on the group’s latest album where ubiquitous lead singer Fred Durst proclaims his superiority over you, and his disinterest in your opinions. There is a mini-avalanche of reasons why this is so ironic, but the most obvious is that all those people who might’ve formerly self-identified as a “Limp Bizkit hater” are currently more likely to self-identify as things like “father” or “lawyer”. The last time this lineup of musicians released an album it was called Chocolate Starfish And The Hotdog Flavoured Water – fully eleven years ago – but Durst thinks music fans still have a seething hatred for his arrogant swagger and jaunty red cap, so he lets those hypothetical trolls have it on tracks like “Get a Life” and “Douche Bag”. The latter has the worst chorus on the album (“I’ma f*ck you up / f*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you up”), but that shouldn’t prevent it from being blared during sparring sessions at your local mixed-martial arts gym.

That’s because the band, helmed once again by alien-mongrel axe man Wes Borland, has so successfully managed to rejuvenate that nu-metal sound most music fans can still vaguely remember. “Loser” is a perfect example. With Borland, not only is the pre-pubescent energy created by the chugging of power chords present, but songs also have second and third layers of innovative instrumentation that can transport listeners from seedy South-Central Los Angeles’ alleyways to the Pacific Coast Highway or a Malibu Beach. That’s more than you could ever say for the majority of forgettable rap/metal wannabes the Bizkit has outlasted. The rhythm section’s comfort in sliding from moshing choruses to funky hip hop verses and experimental fadeouts, as on the lead single “Shotgun”, often provides a bit of levity and even a sense of humour to songs where Durst’s lyrics have done anything but.

Download: “Get A Life”, “Shotgun”

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  • Anonymous says:

    the riff to shotgun provides a sense of a humour to the song? while the lyrics don’t? lol that’s the most thing peopl fail to understand is that this band isn’t to be taken seriously, especially not the lyrics, but it seems everyone likes to take them very serious, funny

  • Anonymous says:

    agree with the anonymous. this is their sound, this type of lyrics are coherent with this type of music and that’s just it. it works together, it’s enjoyable. why should i listen a guy keep talking about how awesome he is otherwise?

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