SOUNDCHECK: Matt Greiner (August Burns Red)

Music is a major part of all us. Whether it’s a sold-out show, an unforgettable kick to the face while in moshing in a crowd or a song that changed us on the inside, it provides an endless handful of memories that continue to shape who we are. While enduring the heat on VANS WARPED TOUR, AUGUST BURNS RED drummer MATT GREINER gave some insight to music and his life, discussing personal memories and name-dropping acts like Pedro The Lion, Stavesacre and Coldplay.
Name an album you haven’t stopped listening to lately.

It would be one by SisterBrother. They’re a band from my church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and they recorded a CD of original worship songs. It’s Christian material with Christian lyrics but the music is very folk-ish and it’s just awesome. It’s not heavy, it’s not fast, it’s just the perfect music to listen to when you get up in the morning and when you go to bed at night.
What was the first album you bought on vinyl or cassette?

The Supertones – Supertones Strike Back. I bought it on cassette at Creation Festival in 1999 and I remember bringing it home and getting reprimanded by my parents for the artwork. I don’t know why it seemed edgy, but it was.
What was the last festival you attended as a spectator?

I guess it would be Purple Door Festival in 2009 at Ski Roundtop in Pennsylvania. August Burns Red was scheduled to perform and I went down there on the Friday night just to hang out with friends and see some other bands play. It was a local festival which made it pretty awesome.
Which artist would you say has the greatest discography of all-time?

In my opinion, I would say Coldplay. Honestly, I’m a big fan Coldplay fan and everything Chris Martin writers is gold. I heard a new song and I wasn’t incredibly excited about it because it was a bit more on the dance side, but that’s fine. The other stuff is good and I really like their music.
What was the first music poster you hung on your wall?

I think it was Stavesacre; it might have been when they were signed to Tooth & Nail. Wow, I haven’t said that name in a long time (laughs).

Name the worst scar or injury you’ve gotten from a concert.

Oh man, I play drums and a lot of the time during shows my thumb will rip open and it won’t stop from getting worse because you have to keep playing and being on tour doesn’t help. I had a scar for about two months after one tour.
What’s one band tee you will never throw away?

I think my Pedro The Lion one. Back in 1998, I picked up a shirt at one of their shows. It’s a black tee with gray lowercase text that just says “Pedro The Lion”. It is a bit plain, but it’s pretty sweet.
What was the last song to make you cry?

I’d say a SisterBrother song. Their work just moves you.
Name the best mosh pit or crowd you’ve ever been in as a spectator.

Oh, I know exactly which one I should talk about. I once went to a Underoath and Every Time I Die show in Philadelphia and I went into the pit and I couldn’t get out. I was stuck right in the middle of it and it was terrible, just terrible. Their shows can be a mess (laughs).
Name one album that needs to be printed on vinyl.

I’d say one of the records from my friends’ band called The Bells. They recorded a cover of one of our new songs called “Pangea” and we included it on the deluxe edition of our new album Leveler. It’s just absolutely beautiful.
What’s one band that should’ve been on Vans Warped Tour this year?

I’d like to see some indie bands on this tour. It’s a tough call, but maybe an average-sized indie band, not a huge one that may seem out of place. It would be incredible to see a worship band on the tour like Jesus Culture or Hillsong United. It’d be a strange dynamic but I’d kill to see how it would go over.

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