GOING LIVE: WEMF 2011 (Part One)

There’s a first for everything. While the WORLD ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL may or may not be the ultimate rave of your dreams, it has without a doubt been a platform for electronic, techno, drum n’ bass, dubstep, trance and whatever else makes you dance Elaine Benes on speed. With help from Destiny Events, the Southern Ontario festival returned to Madawaska in the Algonquin region and instead of shuffling artists around a nightclub, musicians were treated to different areas (e.g. Tower Of Destiny) letting the sound of bass thump until 7.a.m.

And unlike that alleyway rave in the city you decided to check out with your friends, WEMF 2011 showcased a fistful of notable monikers such as SKRILLEX, RUSKO, PENDULUM, NOISIA and local favourites like ZED’S DEAD. The morning after however, was still the exact same as the night (un)fortunately repeated itself.




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