INTERVIEW: I Am The Avalanche

Acts like The Movielife and Head Automatica have etched their own stamp on the world of punk but none have had such an impact as Brooklyn outfit I AM THE AVALANCHE. The quintet’s debut record was a Drive-Thru Records prize in itself, resurrecting and inventing a sound at the same time, one listeners still hang on to today. With Avalanche United set to be released in October, singer Vinnie Caruana opened up a few minutes out of his day and discussed how being at home has affected the group and how monumental the band’s second LP is going to be.

Anyone who owns I Am The Avalanche feels as if the group has been away from music for years – though you’ve played gigs the past several years – do the five of you feel the same way or think you can relate?

We’ve never stopped playing shows. We have been a bit out of the public eye, and haven’t done any actual tours, but we have played regionally consistently. The routine of normal home life took hold for a bit but all the while, we were really just slowly shaping this new record.
What ignited the idea to create music as a group again?

We’ve been creating music together all the while actually. We never stopped doing that and as a result, we have a new record.
Why do you think people are now behind the band more than ever?

There is a power behind this band. It’s a family and everyone is a part of it. Also, I think everyone is getting the sense that we are about to release a record that is special. The fans and others are right; we did our best to make a classic album and we are happy with the results we have.

These are the most emotional lyrics I’ve ever written but they’re not negative like what I usually seem to write. This record is arriving just in time for punk music..”

Is there a lack of interest from listeners in discovering new music?

I haven’t noticed that at all really. To me, I think there is a hunger inside of a lot of people for something real.
IATA sort of went into a hibernation where each member became more involved in the “home life”; did that period of time influence your career as a musician or change your character in anyway?

We all love being in New York and having lives here, but New York will always be there for us. The universe is calling us to do what we are supposed to be doing – touring and making records. Home life has turned us into men and now we’re given the chance to go on tour and act like boys.
Why do you think there’s a wave of punk groups reuniting?

They know people still love them, and they want that love.
Do you think there’s a “supply and demand” aspect to it? A band disappears – no albums, no tours – and out comes this lust to see them perform.

Exactly. That’s definitely the case.

In your opinion, what does Avalanche United stand for?

It stands for the band, family, friends and fans – one big gang. These are the most emotional lyrics I’ve ever written but they’re not negative like what I usually seem to write. I think this record is arriving just in time for fans of punk music. The fans of our band know who we are and that we’ll deliver for them and they, along with others, can’t wait.
How has the new material, and the band’s resurgence in a genre that’s constantly changed, connected with you?

We are not remotely concerned with what the genre is doing musically. The new material that we’ve written is made purely on our own terms and is completely not influenced by whats happening now.
Are you more concerned with stabilizing the group as a band again or sticking to what your heart thinks you should do?

My hearts says put out a great record, hit the road and sing your balls off. To me, music is all that matters.

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