REVIEW: All Get Out – “The Season”

All Get Out / The Season / Favourite Gentlemen

Not emitting a sound that’s similar to the band whose label you’re on is a challenge and South Carolina act All Get Out find themselves in that exact conundrum with their debut The Season. The childish comparisons to Manchester Orchestra are inescapable because the group doesn’t shorten the leash on exhibiting pit-of-the-stomach emotions or overusing lyrical whims that make the listener stutter or fall in love with a volatile hook. Composing from the floor of the heart has always been All Get Out’s niche; their 2009 material – songs like “Water And God” and “Come My Way” – were personal, slicing pop rock with the abrasive side of alternative. It was simple yet delicate and loud. With Matt Malpass (Copeland, Decoder) at the helm, The Season continues to reflect those ideas and balances the band’s need to let modesty thrash about.

“Lucky Bastard” is a capital representation of that with vocalist/guitarist Nathan Hussey letting it all out to the bellow of drums, leading into an impeccable rhythm and pop-stained group vocals. “My Friends” and “The Season” have a neurotic luster to it as well but the record finds more comfort in quiet spaces where there’s room to be open. It’s here where tracks like “Let Me Go” and “Subject To Change” catapult to life with narrative rock n’ roll reminiscent of Manchester Orchestra’s I’m Like A Virgin.. or Paper Rival’s Dialog. The roads over the years seemed endless to All Get Out but it’s smeared their rhythms with tight chemistry, a veteran demeanor and an approach that awakens words with indie rock rumblings that are sweet and fatal. Call it growing old, those attributes have written “a book on the history of a band” made up of raging sentiments that make it emotionally cutting and hard to put down.

Download: “Me And My Lovers”, “Lucky Bastard”, “Let Go”


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