REVIEW: Anthony Green – “Beautiful Things”

[Jan. 17, 2012 – Photo Finish Records // Find it at: Insound | iTunes]


Bliss is a five-letter word the 29-year-old songwriter’s had a twisted history with. Persevering to record a major label debut with his brothers in Circa Survive all the while taking on personal lows and highs, Anthony Green has carved himself into a new person and it shows in his second solo effort Beautiful Things. Going from more clouded digressions, he’s grasped his own concept of home being the best place to write, collaborating with friends and his own thoughts, struggles and moments of joy to hand-craft a naked side to sincerity. There’s being open and then there’s showing trust, something Green embodies in every minute of the record. With fellow bandmate Colin Frangicetto (“How It Goes”) and Canadian voice Lights (“Just To Feel Alive”) making appearances, he’s able to add another dimension to his perceptions, whether its stuck on love, his one-year-old son James or new realizations. And it’s all done in accordance to the experimental daydream balladry Green’s distinctively known for.

At the same time, the move from his 2008 debut to Beautiful Things is more natural. The material is a bit more expansive, dragging in synth dub (“When I’m On Pills”) and countrified pieces inspired by film (“Blood Song”) that at times push out Green’s fearless personality but also show an odd sliver of alternative that’s formatted every recording he’s ever been involved with. Still, the harmonies, backdropped by Good Old War’s colourful voices and instrumentation, punish in the most beautiful way. “Moon Song” is a jovial folk run, “Get Yours While You Can” is an adventurous guitar stomp and even the two-minute a-cappella “Do It Right” relieves with the stripped rasp of Green’s voice that’s unconventionally warm. There are many parts that shape Anthony Green’s makeup – his vocals, his preference in sound, the emotions he taps into – and when they collide, as they do throughout every transition of Beautiful Things, they rarely go unnoticed thanks to the gentle sting of honesty.

Download: “Do It Right”, “Moon Song”, “How It Goes”

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