REVIEW: Pulled Apart By Horses – “Tough Love”

[Jan. 23, 2012 – Transgressive Records // Find it at: iTunes]


Leeds four piece Pulled Apart By Horses have a weird stand in the world of post-hardcore. Not because they’re a triangle to the rectangle shape of the UK’s take on the style but more to the fact it’s an exact replica of what DIY British thrash should be. Akin to their 2010 self-titled release, Tough Love is a record that doesn’t understand personal space, wailing away with a hunger and purpose aggrandized by layers of desperate guitars foaming at the mouth. There are alt tones – “Epic Myth” and “Some Mothers” clench their fists with character and eroticism – but the first three songs Pulled Apart By Horses let rip are an eight-minute offense, one that overshadows the group’s obscured nature to be storytellers (“Night Of The Living”) and pack more Josh Homme-ish lickage in verses after verses (“Give Me A Reason”, “Degeneration Game”). In plain sight, Tough Love has guts; it’s a wave of everything you like about aggressive British rock, using gritty bass lines, drum echoes and Tom Hudson’s ear-dicing scream to make the brain bleed in sheer delight, begging for another kick to the head.

Download: “V.E.N.O.M.”, “Wolf Hand”, “Bromance Ain’t Dead”

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