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Music is a major part of all us. Whether it’s a sold-out show, an unforgettable kick to the face while in moshing in a crowd or a song that changed us on the inside, it provides an endless handful of memories that continue to shape who we are. Before their recent gig with You Me At Six in Toronto, vocalist/guitarist LIAM CROMBY of WE ARE THE OCEAN shed light on music and his life, mentioning artists like Bad Religion, AFI, Metallica and The Eagles.

Name an album you haven’t stopped listening to lately and why.

A recent album would be Polar Bear Club’s Clash Battle Guilt Pride. That “3/4 Tango” song is very, very good and the whole album’s just great. They are a really good live band and when you look at their earlier stuff, they always manage to get better and better.
What was the first album you bought on vinyl or cassette?

My first was a Louie Armstrong album that I really liked. I think it was a Greatest Hits one that I bought when I was about nine or ten years old.
What was the last concert/festival that you attended as a spectator?

I can’t even remember. I think it was Sonisphere in the UK and Metallica was headlining which is why I went because I really wanted to see them. I don’t really remember anyone else because I just wanted to see them (laughs). Big fan! For me it’s the earlier stuff. I’m not that crazy on their newer songs but I’ll go every time to hear stuff from Master Of Puppets and Ride The Lightning.

Which artist would you say has the greatest discography of all-time?

Hmm… I want to say the Foo Fighters but I feel like I’m missing something else… oh no, The Beatles, there you go! They’re a classic and I know that’s sort of an easier answer but there are just so many good albums.
What was the first music poster you hung on your wall?

Yes, I definitely remember it! It was The Offspring’s Conspiracy Of One.
Name the worst scar or injury you’ve gotten from a concert.

I don’t have a scar or anything but I splintered my shin when I was at one of the first gigs I used to go to; they were all punk shows and stuff like that. Someone one was wearing a pair of Dr. Martens and I got a big boot straight to my shin. It hurt quite a bit for sure. That was the first one for me that I remember but I’ve never really been hurt that bad. No facial injuries or anything like that.
What’s one band tee you will never throw away?

I actually have a lot… definitely a couple. I’ve got an old AFI t-shirt that I got from a concert. It has some meaning because just at the time when I was getting into a different side of music, like the Sex Pistols and other bands and then I moved into ones like AFI. I don’t really remember the concert but I really liked the shirt.

Name the best mosh pit or crowd you’ve ever been in as a spectator.

Hmm… this is a tough one, I’m trying to think… Bad Religion. It’s more of a personal thing because it was my first mosh pit and it was just really, really good.
What’s the most you’ve ever paid for a concert ticket?

It was The Eagles, and the cost was 120 pounds. Is the Canadian dollar similar to the U.S. Dollar? A pound is just below $1.50 so it was a lot but it was so worth it. I had such good seats, it was such a good day (laughs).
What’s one song that really defines your life and who you are right now?

Oh, there’s so many it’s hard to pick one, but I’ll pick one (laughs). It’d be The Eagles’ “Take It Easy”. It’s probably one of the first songs I remember hearing when I was quite young listening to music. Either that or Johnny Cash’s “Ring Of Fire”. It’s also one of the first ones I remember too!

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