INTERVIEW: Stray From The Path

While it may be too soon to call them the best thing since the NHL Winter Classic, experiencing STRAY FROM THE PATH is like having the fountain of youth. Brush aside the somewhat lame Ramones’ analogy, and conduct your own in-depth study on the Long Island quartet’s discog, and you’ll find it’s true. Over the course of three albums – which protrude an animated form of hardcore punk with rabid vocals and a flux of knee-stomping rhythms – the band have befriended some of the genre’s most celebrated (Converge, Norma Jean, Underoath) and shaped the raw discord of punk into a new sound to latch on to. While touring across Ontario and beyond, we caught up with the band at their Toronto date to hash out their rise to popularity and how the genre they find themselves in isn’t acting appropriately.

Stray From The Path’s Rising Sun is available now via Sumerian Records // iTunes | Amazon

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