OFFSTAGE: The Dead Throne Tour

From top to bottom, THE DEAD THRONE TOUR is built on passion. All four bands involved – The Devil Wears Prada, Every Time I Die, Oh Sleeper and letlive. – aren’t bands that belong to a certain clique or movement and don’t have a shtick. If they did have a shtick, it would be to play music. That aspect along with their genuine work ethic is spotlighted in their recordings, their albums and their shows which fans deem legendary, as every single one that waits outside one of their gigs to see them shred can attest to that. Before their recent stop at the Town Ballroom in Buffalo, two of our photographers (Joel Pilotte, Riley Taylor) caught up with the groups as they were loading in to photograph a unique view to their set up in preparation for hitting the stage. This is their offstage portrait.


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