REVIEW: You Blew It! – “Grow Up, Dude”

[Apr. 24th 2012 – Topshelf Records // Find it at: Official Store | Amazon]


Cut from the raw 90s’ sound of Hot Rod Circuit, Saves The Day and Weezer, Orlando startup You Blew It! manage to drape the visceral ethic of DIY punk over a carcass of pop and sing Brand New songs. Their full-length, Grow Up, Dude, isn’t a polished remake of “Soco Amaretto Lime” or “At Your Funeral” but the recordings warp the album into a series of emotional outtakes you want to dig into, and institute in your own personal memories of distressed hearts, feeling distant and trying to understand actions and consequences. The timid vocals don’t sugar-coat any of it; from the humble beating of “The Fifties” to the chord-chugging basement show abandon of “Pinball House” to even the hesistant growl of “Terry V. Torri”, You Blew It! make sure to every energetic outburst and quiet whisper come off as “real”. Grow Up, Dude is tender, and it very well has its plain moments, but the knifing maturity of it all is a new fix in itself when the combustion of alternative and direct thoughts get left at your doorstep. The vulnerability isn’t hidden – violently shaking throughout an instrumental (“I Am, I’m Trying”) and the album’s best collective effort (“A Noble Black Eye”) – and unlike those songs written under the cork tree, these are simply feelings carved into punk songwriting ripped straight from the bedroom.

Download; “A Noble Black Eye” “Terry V. Torri”, “I’m Bill Paxton”

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