VIDEO: Good Old War (Acoustic)

As much as they’re known for their recordings, GOOD OLD WAR’s intimate performances are difficult to forget. Whether it’s inside of a church, out in a small studio or at an average-sized venue that’s cozy and personal, they’re songs are hard to brush off due to the experiences they create. Before their recent set last week at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, we met up with the Philadelphia trio to document an acoustic session where they performed numbers from Come Back As Rain such as “Not Quite Happiness” and “Better Weather”.

Come Back As Rain is available now via Sargent House // iTunes | Insound

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  • Ed Welch says:

    Reminds me of some friends I new 40 years ago playing in a basement! LOL Bob you did a good job showing them how its done! Good job guys just an old friend of the family!

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