REVIEW: Driver Friendly – “Bury A Dream”

[Apr. 24th 2012 – Self-Released // Find it at: iTunes | Amazon]


The Austin seven-piece responsible for the indie pop kick-to-the-face “Two Words Mr. President…”, Driver Friendly have the emphatic quality to make “misunderstood” secretly desirable. Their self-released effort Bury A Dream is straight-up attractive courtesy of a new sound; punk singalongs (“Ghosts”) and foot-stomping bass (“Younce Creek”) play hooky with synth and the razor touch of fuzzed out indie guitars to create sounds that keep the heart racing and spinning along bar-setting vocal dynamics (“Do Whatever You Want”). Vocalist Tyler Welsh has matured, but the band’s ability to refine their signature around his genuine desperation is their dominant quality. They photograph fine-tuned rock compositions throughout the beginning of Bury A Dream and as soon as their chemistry amplifies on “Stare Into The Darkness”, their emotional integrity crashes into grand recordings where ferocity shakes hands with progression and watches yells and heart-torn conclusions colour more hushed instrumental work (“Harsh, Harsh, Harsh”, “You’re A Legend, Sir”). It’s as if Driver Friendly have finally found their medium – the overpowering zone that makes them tick – as the potential that flows out of every cymbal crash, picked string and subtle vocal croon is devastating in a picturesque kind of way.

Download: “Stare Into The Darkness”, “Do Whatever You Want”, “Why Don’t You Just Rain For Me?”

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