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What do you do when the world demands you make an “official” debut record? In the case of OFF!, you make a debut record that leaves claw marks on your sense of hearing. As the Los Angeles super-outfit – comprised of Keith Morris, Dimitri Coats, Steven McDonald and Mario Rubalcaba – gave in to making their next step to move on from their entrapping 2010 release, they also adopted the idea of sticking chemistry to the listener, a feature that propels itself from the self-titled effort OFF!. Similar to other material, the record falls into the deep end of 80s’ punk; it’s compact, unpredictable and intricate in a feverish kind of way. “Wiped Out” dismembers with pure rhythmic chaos and when hotheaded rock beatdowns “Wrong” and “Borrow And Bomb” veer off into the album’s longest recording (“King Kong Brigade”), you can feel the sweat dripping, the sticks connecting with their surfaces and the riffs cutting the air. Then throw in Morris’ estranged escapism that coils around gut-cutting speeds (“Jet Black Girls”) and perhaps the best mid-song riff to ever infect your head (“503”), and you’re left practically shaking. OFF!, both album and band, are a fix for the rebellious types – the frustrated, aging hardcore personnel and the powerless youth – and by the end of this session, the group are carved out to be more raw, technical instrumentalists rather than old dudes who still like to jam out tunes. 16 songs in 16 minutes is exactly what it means but at this level, it speaks volumes, and we’re talking about the type that slams your flashing Fender amp against the wall without remorse.

Download: “Jet Black Girls”, “Borrow And Bomb”, “Zero For Conduct”

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  • Duane Basore says:

    Now I’m pissed. If I can’t get a way into to the record release tuesday…… I wont be responsible for my actions.

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