REVIEW: DZ Deathrays – “Bloodstreams”

[May 8th 2012 – Dine Alone Records // Find it at: iTunes | Amazon]


Even when trapped in a cage with style and bravado, work ethic will always prevail and it’s the direct explanation as to why DZ Deathrays never miss a beat throughout the spinning assault of Bloodstreams. The Aussie duo don’t calculate what kind of substance is perfect to rage to, but rather transmit noise rock at its prettiest and bloodiest and torch it with sheer variability without losing their breath. The material they write – with Shane Parsons handling the axe and Simon Ridley tapped into his kit – aren’t chart-topping hits as they’re more art compositions with a bite and a love for tearing a room apart. Between their garbage disposal tones (“LA Lightning”, “Dollar Chills”) and two-minute punk slamdowns (“Teenage Kickstarts”, “Gebbie St.”), they sink their instrumentals into frames that grow as the seconds go by. In almost every song on Bloodstreams, there’s a blistering snapback riff, a staggering side step in melody and a whiplash stutter into intensity, that swiftly thread the duo’s tight bond and make unexpected bits like the droned out vocal clip of “Dinomight” and the somber shards of “Dumb It Down” shadow the record’s familiarity. DZ Deathrays aren’t quite the second coming of You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine, but their electro-coated taste and skill to let rhythms implode without notice is jarring enough for you to beg for more.

Download: “Dumb It Down”, “Witchcraft”, “Dinomight”

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