CONTEST: Refused


Refused + OFF!. Sound Academy. Toronto.

Refused coming to Toronto is a big deal – so much that our staff is already fighting over who can show off the tag “media” – and one lucky winner will get to endure sweat, tears and maybe blood when they hit the stage this summer. With help from our friends at AEG Live, we’re giving away a pair of tickets to the punk icons’ gig with OFF! at the Sound Academy on July 23rd. You know you want to mosh your life away at this so see the details below.

To enter to win, simply leave a comment below with your full name + email
and tell us what your favourite Refused track is (and why it totally kills).

Contest is now closed.


  • Sarah Girard says:

    OH GOD YES. “New Noise” plz and thank uuuu

  • George says:

    “New Noise” all the way too. Or anything really.

  • Anonymous says:

    Jared Nardi

    “The Deadly Rythm”

    Why it kills:This song really shows off their technical prowess as Refused incorporate jazz into their aggressive wall of sound. The lyrics deal with oppression in the workforce, and concludes that the working class must unite to be set free from “the deadly rythm” of the production line. An inspiring song that proves Refused are just as relevant today as they were over 10 years ago.

  • Matt says:

    Anything and everything because Refused are brilliant.

  • JACKIE de Laplante


    It absolutely kills because it was one of the first refused songs I heard growing up, it instilled the hatred for the man in me, made me want to burn shit, spit on people and riot.. Everything that get’s a 11 year old girl all revved up. They’ve been one of my favorite bands since before I had titts and to be able to actually see them would be everything to me.

  • Sarah Downey says:

    I honestly don’t have just one favorite track off of The Shape of Punk To Come but if I had to chose just one, I’m going with “Protest Song ’68” – it pumps me right up even, what….10 years later? 🙂

  • Justin Crouch says:

    “Pump The Breaks”

    Why it kills: It starts off just so heavy and in your face and then when the vocals start the lyrics are just as in your face. The instrumentals are just over all super heavy and the lyrics shows what Refused stands for as a band.

  • lisa penney says:

    don’t really have a fave song, love the feel of all their stuff. did see a video of them performing new noise at coachella though and it just seems to have gotten better with age. really need to be at the toronto show!

  • Lauren Marsh says:

    “New Noise”. And because they’re unstoppable.

  • Jordan Daly says:

    “The Deadly Rhythm”

  • Amanda Gray says:

    Every single song because they were amazing at Coachella.

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