BLARE Monthly Mix: May 2012

In the blazing wash of summer, we are proud to present our first ever BLARE MONTHLY MIX where we put together our own tape to bring a kitchen sink of music to infect your ears. We’re not kidding. El-P’s terrorizing underground rap jaunt slides into Azealia Banks’ bouncy steel drum ditty and out blooms Beat Connection’s tranquility, Doldrums’ hallucinogenic funk, White Arrows’ stripping lo-fi and Broken Water’s renewal of headbanging alternative. It all sparks the guitar mayhem that follows suit, with Lower and Ty Segall getting loud while dizzy math rockers Fang Island and alt folkers River City Extension close it out with nods to Brooklyn. The download’s all wrapped up in the street mural above from the same city as we salute the Beastie Boys’ Adam “MCA” Yauch and his ingenious artistry. 

BLARE MONTHLY MIX: MAY 2012 (.zip 76.2MB)

01 EL-P // The Full Retard
02 AZEALIA BANKS // Jumanji
03 BEAT CONNECTION // The Palace Garden, 4am
04 DOLDRUMS // Jump Up
05 WHITE ARROWS // Roll Forever
06 BROKEN WATER// Underground
07 LOWER // Craver
08 TY SEGALL BAND // I Bought My Eyes
09 FANG ISLAND // Asunder
10 RIVER CITY EXTENSION // If You Need Me Back In Brooklyn 

Gear up. Listen. Rock out. 

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