REVIEW: Architects – “Daybreaker”

[June 5th 2012 – Century Media Records // Find it at: iTunes | Amazon]


At some capacity, the Brighton four-piece have never really found it problematic to be novel. Their fifth record, Daybreaker, tears the eyes out of what used to be a regression, where radio-tempered songwriting never really writhed with force, and now almost seems possessed by the band’s maturity. Back and forth, the rich tinge to bottomless rhythms always resonate, knowing how to close an ending bit (“These Colours Don’t Run”), propel urgency (“Alpha Omega”) and give the group’s infectious voice enough bitterness to open your chest cavity and staple you to the wall. Its lows take patience to sink into the group’s choppy electronics, but Daybreaker at its peak never loses noise. “Feather Of Lead” is technical power that’s hungry to gash and spiked with a rabid guest spot, “Outsider Heart” coils around precise guitar work and Sam Carter’s voice, that between strains, fractures and a faint croon, blackouts any boundaries. Architects have trapped their sound, paralyzing it with potent subject matter, and just when you thought post-hardcore went and offed itself by jumping off a bridge, the instrumentalists have polluted it with a “12/23/93”-like drug that has it creating its own tidal wave in the deep end.

Download: “Outsider Heart”, “Devil’s Island”, “The Bitter End”

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