People will rave about Coachella and it’s because they often forget about this great American tradition. There’s a reason for that. The BONNAROO MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL may not be flashy and may be secluded in farm lands that most city folk ignore, but the annual event’s history has produced such a cathartic experience to concert-goers over the year that by the time it turns off the stage lights, everything becomes a blur. The bands, the food, the way everyone looks as if they just warped in from a Grateful Dead gig circa 1966 – these are aspects that have manifested moments that changed rock n’ roll. To help those attending this year’s edition, we’ve circled the best in hip-hop, alternative, electronic and indie rock to bring you our picks to soak up underneath the Tennessee sun.

Click here for a schedule for the entire lineup (and anything else that matters)
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