OFFSTAGE: K.Flay (Bonnaroo 2012)

Bonnaroo’s known for several things: rock n’ roll, hippies and a serious wave of heat – and by serious we mean you could probably cook an egg off of your friend’s back if you wanted to. To help capture the experience, we asked a few artists to share their own photos and though many didn’t make it out of the phone signal wasteland alive, California MC K.FLAY (aka Kristine Flaherty) did.  Battling the music romp of the south, this is her offstage portrait. 


“I flew into Tennessee on a red-eye Thursday morning, so I was pretty much delirious and ready for weird shit the moment I arrived. My main set was that evening. I was a bit nervous, but as soon as I started jumping around like an idiot, I kind of lost myself in the moment. It was crazy – and humbling – to play in front of such a big crowd, especially since I still rock shows for like 20 people in random clubs in Arkansas. I had a silent disco DJ set later that night, which was super fun. On Friday I had two more performances and another DJ set, so I was tired but not tired enough to watch people getting naked at the Major Lazer set.  So yeah, Bonnaroo was awesome.  I wandered around in the dust, played a show on a flatbed truck, ate tempeh, and managed not to get sunburned.”


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