This summer may just hold the NORTH BY NORTHEAST we’ve all been looking for. Why you ask? The festival’s finally legal. Now in its 18th year, the annual destination for new independent music is set to release gorgeous vocal croons and wails, let keyboards surf through your mind and rip apart its shirt Hulk Hogan style to the beat of vintage punk and alternative. While the festival does just that with 780 bands and 40 films over the course of the week, we scraped out the guts of this year’s lineup to bring you our personal list of bands to discover, become fixated with and rock out to until the morning after hits you with some sun. Warning: these artists will dropkick your hearing. 

Click here for NXNE’s schedule for the entire lineup (and oh, parties too)
For your North By 2012 fix, keep a tab on @blaremag and @nxnefest

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