REVIEW: JEFF The Brotherhood – “Hypnotic Nights”

[July 17th 2012 – Warner Music Canada // Find it at: iTunes | Insound]


Rather than let speed demon rhythms fluctuate without remorse, JEFF The Brotherhood do two things right: they carefully construct songs, and use that detail to claw throughout various fragments of your mind. They do it so well that when their new disc Hypnotic Nights changes tempos, drifting from the punked-out pysch scuzz of “Staring At The Wall” to a more diverse and mellow rock number like “Region Of Fire”, it’s still gripping enough to make you zone out in delight. The guitar work is also composed yet authoritative with melodies holding a sterilized feel that’s naturally dominant in more than one way. “Sixpack” and “Mystic Portal II” trudge through garage wastelands with enough muscle to slap the distortion on thick and by driving lighter sonics to breathe when they want (“Leave Me Out”, “Wood Ox”), they emphasize tone with party-crashing alt (“Hypnotic Mind”) and pulsating freakouts (“Hypnotic Winter”) harmonizing the genetics of Pinkerton and Daydream Nation. Hypnotic Nights isn’t JEFF The Brotherhood’s tour de force, it’s Jake and Jamin Orrall’s rooftop take on vibes/experimentation with less filler. Just don’t probe the Nashville two-some’s chemistry or you’ll kill the buzz faster than you can say Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Download: “Hypnotic Winter”, “Dark Energy”, “Region Of Fire”

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